New Hampshire: The World’s Most Bitcoin-Friendly Community

When US-based online retailer,, began accepting Bitcoin at the beginning of 2014, the state of New Hampshire delivered the highest sales per capita of any state, relegating the company’s home state of Utah to second place. This was largely due to the presence in New Hampshire of the Free State Project, a political movement whose members tend to believe in decentralized and non-governmental forms of currency, making them very receptive to Bitcoin.

Because of New Hampshire’s high concentration of tech-minded entrepreneurs, combined with its historically-high rating overall freedom ranking, the state has developed a robust Bitcoin ecosystem, allowing its residents to operate off of a 100%-cryptocurrency income.

World’s longest-running Bitcoin meetup

Manchester, New Hampshire is home to what its attendees claim to be the longest-running consecutive weekly Bitcoin meetup in the world. Zach Harvey, CEO and co-founder of BTM manufacturer Lamassu, founded the meetup with his brother and business partner Josh Harvey.

“My brother started the Manchester Bitcoin Meetup in July 2012, right after the 2012 Porcfest which was a huge booster for Bitcoin.

Porcfest 2012 was one of the first times many of us got to actually use Bitcoin to buy and trade on a daily basis. For Bitcoin enthusiasts, it was a move from talking about Bitcoin and theorizing to using it in practice.

That's what led to having a weekly meeting, to experience using Bitcoin once a week. And of course talking about it as well.”

Zach Harvey, CEO and co-founder of BTM manufacturer Lamassu

Matt Whitlock, longtime attendee of the weekly meetup, has been able to easily acquire or offload Bitcoin between private parties whenever desired.

“It's very easy to trade Bitcoins at the meetups. There's always someone looking to buy or sell. Of course, depending on recent market price movements, finding someone willing to trade at spot may be more or less difficult.”

Rent for Bitcoin

Matthew Ping, owner of Ledgeview Commercial Properties, is one of the several property owners in the Manchester area that accepts Bitcoin for rent payments.

“To my kn