The latest report from Flipside Crypto takes a deep look into Tron (TRX) with the hope of answering a question many critics in the cryptocurrency space have posed: "Is Tron a scam?”.

Dubious past

The report starts by rehashing the Tron’s compromised origins story — from the allegedly plagiarized white paper to the promise of the $20 million giveaway that was never fulfilled. However, the report comes an unexpected conclusion:

“Turns out, looking at the active supply of TRX in the past 30 days reveals a very healthy and active ecosystem.”

TRX 30-day asset flows

TRX 30-day asset flows. Source: Flipside Crypto

Glorias present

The report notes that users are staking, both whales and regular users are using decentralized apps, TRX is traded on decentralized exchanges, and both node operators and voters get rewarded. Finally, perhaps, the most important conclusion is that the TRX supply is not concentrated among a few big wallets, but is evenly distributed.

Summing up its findings, the researchers state that Tron is "more real" than 90% of the blockchain projects they have examined:

“But what if that’s just the intellectual snobbery in the space focusing too much on Twitter trolls, and not enough on TRON’s successful business model? The facts are there to prove that TRON is a real business. Probably more real even than 90% of blockchains we’ve looked at.”

It is unlikely that the report’s positive conclusion will convince all the non-believers, but perhaps, this one case where a unanimous consensus is not necessary.