A new wave of cryptocurrency popularity in Japan has spawned many things - the latest being a pop group known as the ‘Virtual Currency Girls.’

Due to its relaxed attitude towards cryptocurrencies, Japan’s government has created a thriving atmosphere for cryptocurrencies in the country. Eastern neighbors Korea and China have enforced heavy regulations that have tried to stifle a movement that is conversely gaining massive traction in the land of the rising sun.

One needs to look no further than Internet sensation Miss Bitcoin to see that the Japanese are a people that are embracing change, in the form of virtual currency.

Following in her wake is a new Japanese Pop (J-Pop) group that hope to educate people about cryptocurrency.

Virtual Currency Girls

Virtual Currency Girls is comprised of eight band members known as ‘Kaso Tsuka Shojo.’ Each singer takes up the identity of a number of different virtual currencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

J-Pop has been massive since its inception in the 1990s - and it seems the music group could pioneer a new way of spreading information about cryptocurrency and the potential benefits they could have for society.

According to the group’s leader, 19-year-old Rara Naruse, the pop group hopes to shed some light on the intended use of cryptocurrencies as quoted by Japan Today:

“This unit is not here to promote speculation or investment. Out of the numerous existing virtual currencies, we have carefully selected a handful of currencies that are sure to exist in the future in order to broaden the public’s understanding of them using entertainment as our medium.”

According to AFP, the group will hold its first concert on Friday, Jan. 12 in Tokyo.