Living under the slogan “Credit Cards weren't designed for the Internet” ( BitPay launches new pricing for its customers featuring three different price groups.

BitPay is available in 200 countries – the most amounts of partners among similar services. It has about 12000 customers all around the world. Now for a simple and convenient use the prices for the offered services and features were diversified – three pricing groups were created for different sizes of business and amount of customers - both local and international.

The new pricing plans will be launched with Novembers and every will have a fee charged by the BitPay service equal to 0%.

The cheapest plan costs only 30 dollars per month. It is called the Professional Plan and includes – work and use on a single domain, the simplest eCommerce tools, retail POS tools, 20 shopping cart plugins, banks deposits to 30 countries and 24/7 emails technical support.

The next level of the prices and features is the Business Plan costing 300 dollars per month. Three domains can be used, all options from the Professional Plans are included, also processing data can be sent to QuickBooks, and there is also a phone support.

The highest level is Enterprise package – costs 3000 dollars per month. All previously mentioned features and options of course are included. The customers from these groups also receive a personal manager to contact, calls and emails have a priority during processing by the support group, the usage is allowed on any amount of domains, VPN access, and some other nice bonuses.

Even without live support via email or phone the homepage of the service BitPay has a very understandable homepage full of video tutorials and a very good FAQ page. For ones who still are not sure whether they should start to cooperate can check all the offers via a demo version of the BitPay – experience is the best advisor for a future choice.

The representative from the company, CEO of BitPay, Tony Gallippi, is one of the developers of the new pricing system. He thinks that it is a very positive development trend for the company as it correlated with the SaaS practice – software as a service already tested in other industries has proved to be a success and worth investing.

The best advantage a customer receives becoming a customer of BitPay – no transactions fees, only a fixed pricing a businessman can plan and be sure it will not be bigger next month.

For those who believe that a fees is better than a regular commission price the Starter Pack with a fee of 1% is left.

Also Gallippi has commented on the resent closing of the black market leader the Silk Road. He thinks it is a very positive trend for the industry. It sure will lead to stability and trust in the crypto currency system. The freed space makes no shadow on legal business and exploits no additional power. The CEO also hopes that only positive news will emerge from the branch in future.