“It’s an honor to see that BTC China has been propelled ahead to number one in the worldwide rankings. The real credit goes to the people in China, for having recognized the importance and value of bitcoin,” said Bobby Lee, CEO of BTC China. He also admitted that this position is a big success but “nothing is permanent”.

Several months ago Bobby Lee predicted these changes for bitcoin and mentioned that “October would be a big month for bitcoin in China”. “The people here are really getting it, and it is being spread by both the general media and by word of mouth,” he said.

Today Chine is interested in bitcoin and ready to invent in it. Unfortunately, there are still no many places and opportunities to spend bitcoins in Chine. Recently we posted information about the first bar in Beijing “2nd Place” where people can pay for drinks and dishes with bitcoins. But it is the only one known bitcoin accepting place in Beijing at the moment. For now people are interested in bitcoins not because of the possibility to spend them but because it is new unique digital currency, that is decentralized and has no third part risk.

Bobby Lee belives that “Once people recognize these valuable attributes, then it will be natural for more people to demand it. Once demand goes up, people (and merchants) will be willing to accept it as a form of payment”. “Since China is the world’s most populous country, it’s reasonable to see that China is also one of the first countries to really embrace bitcoin,” thinks Lee. The future of bitcoin is going to be much more successful. When bitcoins become mainstream it may change our daily life.