Cointelegraph has partnered with Coin ATM Radar, which regularly updates a helpful and navigable Bitcoin ATM map, to get the most comprehensive data about new BTMs as they go online.

According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of November 3, there are 290 live BTMs around the world. Below are a few that were installed and began operations last week, which include new machines in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, plus four new Bitcoin ATMs in the United States.

Asia / Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia’s first BTM is a one-way Lamassu at Ticket Computers in Jubail. The operator charges fees between 10 and 15%, and has set buy limits of US$500–600, though the accepted currencies are only Saudi Arabian Riyals, Kuwaiti Dinars and Bahraini Dinars.
  • The Bali Bitcoin Center in Kuta installed Indonesia’s first BTM on Thursday, a one-way Lamassu machine. It charges a 3% commission, and transactions are limited to 1 BTC. The Bali Bitcoin Meetup group invites anyone in the area to stop by on Wednesday nights to check it out.


  • On October 29, exactly a year after the first ever BTM was installed in Vancouver, Bitcoin Spain held a launch party to commemorate the first two-way BTM in Madrid, a Robocoin machine, that was actually installed in early October at the One Shot Recoletos 04 Hotel.

North America

  • Speaking of Waves Coffee House, the Richmond, British Columbia, shop got its own two-way Robocoin ATM a year to the date after the first was installed in downtown Vancouver. The Richmond BTM charges 4% for buys and 6% for sells via, and the limit is 8,000 CAD.
  • In Denver, Amagi Metals announced the installation of the city’s second BTM, a two-way BitAccess machine operated by XBTeller.
  • In Roseville, California, at the Westfield Galleria mall, Coinucopia installed a one-way Lamassu machine on the second floor. Fees are currently set at 2%, and transactions are limited to US$1,000.
  • Manchester, New Hampshire, installed the state’s first BTM on Halloween, a one-way Skyhook machine at Murphy’s Taproom, operated by PYC Bitcoin.
  • In Miami, tech consultancy Escobar Solutions installed a one-way Skyhook BTM in the company’s offices. They set the fees at just 1%, and transactions have a cap of US$9,000. 

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