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According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of October 27, there are 281 live BTMs around the world. Below are a few that were installed and began operations last week, which include Bitcoin ATMs in the United States, Israel and Hong Kong.

North America

The United States continues to roll out more Bitcoin ATMs than any other country, with Canada in second place. Three new machines went live last week, two in the US and one in Canada.

Burlington, Vermont, 3D printing shop Blu Bin

  • In Edwardsville, Illinois, about a half hour drive from St. Louis, arcade bar Unkle Munkey’s Coin Club unveiled a one-way Skyhook machine that charges a 7% commission (on top of Coinbase’s fee) and has a US$500 limit. Unkle Munkey’s also has a rotating selection of microbrews on tap and Mortal Kombat 3 — just saying.

  • Burlington, Vermont, 3D printing shop Blu Bin introduced the state’s first BTM last week, a one-way Skyhook machine. No details yet available about fees or limits.

  • Toronto hobby shop Dueling Grounds also announced it was hosting one of Quadriga CX’s one-way Skyhook machines, which charges a 6% commission.


Manchester, England, the CeX shop in the Manchester Arndale mall

  • In Stuttgart, Germany, someone from the local Bitcoin meetup group has purchased a one-way Skyhook ATM that is available to try out, but only during monthly meetings. The fee is set at just 0.5%, but transactions are limited to 0.5 BTC because a single private person is providing the liquidity.

  • In Manchester, England, the CeX shop in the Manchester Arndale mall has installed a one-way Lamassu machine.

Middle East

  • Israel’s Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv has installed its second BTM, a one-way Mutocoin machine that lets users buy Bitcoin with credit cards. This is the first Mutocoin installation anywhere, and it is operated by local exchange Bit2C.


Hong Kong, offices of MyCoin in Railway Plaza

  • In Hong Kong, Bitconnect has installed another Genesis1 two-way BTM, this time in the offices of MyCoin in Railway Plaza.

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