Nexo Finance has been accused of being behind the suspicious asset management firm that sought to short Chainlink (LINK) after social media users saw Zeus Capital’s source code pointing to its website. 

Twitter users found a connection between Zeus Capital, who days ago called Link “crypto’s Wirecard,” and Nexo Finance on the Zeus Capital website. Embedded within the Zeus website source code were several instances of Typeform links connected to Nexo’s website. Typeform, which lets users create forms, is also used by Nexo on its own site to let users sign up for their newsletter. 

Credit: @ChainLinkGod

Other users questioned if Nexo’s head of digital asset research Simeon Rusanov was involved in shorting LINK attaching images that could point to some involvement. This has been strongly denied by Nexo on its Telegram channel.

Zeus Capital released a report announcing it will short LINK with a target of 99% gains. The report, however, featured no citations and no working links. Analysts believed the report was authored maliciously. Cointelegraph attempted to contact Zeus Capital but its phone number in London was disconnected and its Hong Kong office diverted to voicemail. 

In its Telegram channel, Nexo said the accusations that it’s behind Zeus Capital is “a cheap attempt at Chainlink’s and Nexo’s joint efforts and good work.”

“Nexo had nothing to do with this and its author is trying to insinuate such a connection through false flag stuff that Nexo is somehow involved. The most probable explanation is that we are Chainlink’s mosy recent partnership, we have staff who are well versed on the Chainlink subject, and because our OTC desks deals in LINK.”

The company admitted the Typeform link is indeed theirs but noted the same link has been used by its team for different marketing purposes and can be easily accessed by anyone and copied. Nexo also asked people to stop harassing Rusanov.

LINK surged 370% year-to-date and is now the ninth-largest crypto by market cap though some critics argue its strong increase may be a speculative bubble and a correction may be coming.