World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced on Monday that it would be dropping nonfungible tokens (NFT) depicting WWE Hall of Famer John Cena.

Last week, the beloved wrestling organization dropped its first NFT collection featuring The Undertaker, with the highest-selling NFT going for $100,000 through auction.

The latest NFT release will see the first tier consisting of a one-of-one “John Cena Platinum NFT” that will be opened up for a 24-hour auction starting on Friday, Aug. 20, in the lead up to this year’s SummerSlam event.

The highest bidder of the NFT will also receive two front-row tickets to WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, or WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, along with VIP access and hotel accommodation.

The second tier will be launched on Saturday, Aug. 21, and includes 500 NFTs that are accompanied by a limited-edition merch box curated by Cena himself.

Tokenized Bacardi

Popular spirits company Bacardi is dropping a one-of-one NFT to celebrate the release of the new limited-edition “BACARDĺ Reserva Ocho Sherry Cask Finish” rum line.

According to a Monday announcement, the new rum line will go on shelves in September, with the NFT set to be unveiled and put up for auction on Sept. 1.

The auction will last for two weeks, and the NFT depicts photography of the new rum product from photographer Cam Kirk, who is known for working on projects with Nike, Beats by Dre and Atlantic Records.

BACARDĺ Reserva Ocho Sherry Cask Finish: Bacardi x Cam Kirk. Source: Bacardi

Rum fanatics will be able to participate in the auction online, however, the firm hasn’t specified what blockchain will be used to mint the NFT, or how they can transfer the NFT for sale on secondary markets.

Proceeds from the sale will go to the “Backing the B.A.R.” initiative, which provides business grants, education and support for Black-owned alcohol-related businesses, such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

SuperRare 2.0

NFT marketplace SuperRare announced an upgrade dubbed “SuperRare 2.0” that introduces independent storefronts, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), “sovereign smart contracts” and the RARE curation token.

According to a Tuesday announcement, the storefronts, or “SuperRare Spaces,” and the DAO will be governed by the RARE token, with the upgrade being a part of the firm’s “decentralized vision for the future” of the platform.

Holders of RARE along with the SuperRare Governance Council (voted on by token holders) will be tasked with overseeing “SuperRare Spaces, the community treasury, and the platform’s future.”

“In the near future, we expect that the next great artistic talent will not be discovered by a gallerist or gatekeeper, but by the community of $RARE curators,” the announcement reads.

The self-titled “sovereign smart contracts” will enable artists to deploy custom NFT minting contracts and import NFTs minted on other platforms.

As part of the announcement, SuperRare is now air-dropping 150,000,000 RARE (15% of the total 1 billion supply) to eligible participants who have bought or sold NFTs on the platform prior to July 2, 2021. The amount awarded will be based on user engagement on the platform, with the biggest sellers and collectors set for the largest amounts of tokens.

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Ice-hockey great Wayne Gretzky plays the NFT field

NHL ice-hockey legend Wayne Gretzky launched an NFT collection on NFL star Tom Brady’s NFT marketplace, Autograph, on Tuesday.

Gretzky is the NHL’s all-time leader in points, goals and assists and his drop includes 10 open editions or varying rarities that are priced from $12 to $1,500 per NFT. Four of the more expensive editions have been digitally signed by the former pro.

Wayne Gretzky Ruby NFT. Source:

The NHL legend serves on the advisory board for Autograph alongside former MLB player Derek Jeter, skateboarding icon Tony Hawk and tennis star Naomi Osaka, who all have NFT drops listed on the platform as “coming soon.”

“I was lucky enough to play during such a great era, and I see Autograph NFTs as a new way for superfans and collectors to own and experience these exciting sports moments,” Gretzky said, adding, “I want my NFTs to appeal to both new and longtime collectors, and the price range makes it much more approachable for a wide demographic.”


Earlier this week, gorilla-themed NFT collectible project CyberKongz was responsible for the burning of 1,430 Ether (ETH), or $4.7 million, over 24 hours on Monday as demand for the NFTs clogged the Ethereum network.

Cointelegraph also reported that the creator of the beloved Pepe the Frog meme, Matt Furie, filed a DMCA takedown request against the $4-million Sad Frogs District NFT project, with the NFTs now delisted from OpenSea.