A crypto-focused freelancing site says it gives opportunities to thousands of people who may be unable to find work on more established platforms.

AnyTask says talented individuals in some emerging economies have found it difficult to benefit from remote working opportunities on mainstream sites because they need to have access to a bank account. And in nations where millions live on less than $2 to $3 a day, commission fees of 20% mean it often isn’t viable to work on the likes of Upwork and Fiverr.

But unlike rival services, AnyTask doesn’t charge freelancers any fees for their hard work — enabling them to keep 100% of their earnings. The crypto-focused business designed the platform so talent could be paid in ETN, Electroneum’s cryptocurrency, once their projects have come to a successful conclusion.

Freelancers who use the site say they have learned new skills and gained confidence by collaborating with clients from around the world — and in some cases, support for crypto has served as a lifeline.

‘It has made me who I am today’

Ogwuche Clement Ochera, a writer, said he turned to AnyTask after having difficulty withdrawing the money he had earned on Fiverr. He is based in Nigeria — a country where consumers face restrictions that mean they’re unable to receive funds via PayPal.

Defying the African nation’s unemployment rate of 27.1%, the 27-year-old has amassed a five-star rating and a loyal clientele — allowing him to complete his university studies and become financially independent.

Ochera isn’t alone. Joseph Ogechukwu is putting hundreds of hours that he spent cultivating his video editing skills into good use — and now edits clips, designs logos and animates whiteboards. He’s also just completed a degree that has enabled him to expand the services he offers on AnyTask.

He too has faced problems with receiving funds from PayPal on rival sites — so much so that he had to rely on costly, risky ways of circumventing the restrictions in Nigeria that made freelancing “very difficult and very discouraging.”

And in a world where it can often take five business days for freelancers to receive their funds, Ogechukwu said he was left impressed by how he was able to withdraw his ETN within minutes.

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ETN can be used through a dedicated app where users can purchase data and airtime for mobile phones in over 160 countries, as well as electricity meter top-ups in five nations. Ogechukwu says he has already done exactly this — describing it as proof that this is a cryptocurrency that offers utility.

Carving out new niches

As a result of its unique position in the market, AnyTask says that it is home to freelancers that small businesses won’t find anywhere else — and these talented individuals have also been striving to offer services that no one else is providing.

Croatian teenager Nikola Bobetic carved out a niche for himself by beginning to help his clients automate their homes — giving them the freedom to remotely operate their lights, garage door and even their coffee machine from their mobile phone. But his true passion is 3D modeling, and the earnings he has generated on AnyTask has helped him to buy a 3D printer and diversify his profile.

In a world where thousands of people offer writing services and Photoshop editing — making it exceedingly hard to land freelance gigs at a fair price — the platform says it has enabled entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd and showcase their skills in a new way.

AnyTask, which was launched by Electroneum, says all this has been achieved while giving buyers peace of mind that they’ll get services completed to a high standard. They are guaranteed to receive a full refund if they aren’t 100% satisfied with the outcome of a project.

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