Going only by the name Richard, a computer science student attending Mount Royal University in Canada has launched FlixForCoins.

The site purchases movie tickets for fiat on your behalf. The site isn’t just for making payments, either—it actually hosts complete show time schedules of major movie theatres in cities all across North America (U.S. and Canada at this time).

Leave it to a code-writing college student to make escape from reality a little easier. As anyone who’s used Bitcoin knows, you’re always eager to make your next purchase in cryptocurrency. It’s so fast. It’s so private. But it can be difficult when many merchants don’t yet accept it. Richard is there to make your movie escapades a little easier in the meantime.

And he’s not satisfied just to buy your movie tickets for you. His site also features an entire page dedicated to teaching visitors the basics of cryptocurrency. He uses familiar analogy to educate readers in the “What is Bitcoin?” section:

“It can be compared to the virtual currency that gamers have been using for years, except that it was designed for use in the real world.”

Richard goes on to say, “The goal of those who favor its use is to see a currency free of government control and the issues that often envelope [government] currencies such as inflation.” 

The site has just launched in beta and so may still have bugs. Should you experience any problems in purchasing your movie tickets, Richard lists his own phone number for support. Long live the entrepreneurial spirit of the young and the bold.


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