The first part of our research published some days ago provided sterling information on the advantages and disadvantages of desktop wallets. Today we are going to cover the theme of mobile wallets.

The simplest description ever says – mobile wallets are virtual asset wallets that allow You to carry your Bitcoin with You in the pocket. The spending radius is technologically unlimited and the only thing that might stop Your movements is own will. The payments are made by scanning QR codes (carrying information of the purchase including the price) or using NFC “tap to pay” system.


The Pros and Cons of Mobile wallets

Once again, the main advantage is the portable nature of the wallet. As it is installed on a mobile device, for example, smartphone, a camera is definitely provided to scan the QR code of the merchant and to pay for the product or service.

The disadvantages of this type of wallets are related to the weak points of mobile devices. In case something happens to the equipment it has aftermaths on the wallet. In case it is stolen, it starts to remember an ordinary physical wallet. If the battery is too low, or the device switched off the payments become impossible. The level of security in comparison with desktop wallets is strongly lower.

However, the easiness and comfort of use, portability and other features deserve to be considered and might be often useful. The more venues and merchants are going to accept Bitcoin, the more popularity will gain mobile wallets.


Most Interesting Wallets to Consider


Bitcoin Wallet

Designed for Android, the Bitcoin wallet is easy to use and can be considered as very reliable, secure and fast. The basic principle of design shows a very high level of decentralization and lack of control, as no central service is required for the operations and transactions with Bitcoin. It is advised to choose the application for persons not interested in technology, but willing to use the virtual currency regularly. The availability for BlackBerry OS is another positive point to emphasize on.