OpenBazaar, a decentralised online marketplace, has announced the release of a new version of its project, Openbazaar 1.1.7 which will include changes in appearance of the platform, fixing of bugs, improved internationalization and other additions.

Removal of bugs, page fixes and translation

As claimed in the announcement, the bug which removed images from the ‘about’ section on the user page was fixed. Also, more areas of the app which were not translatable, such as dates, will become translatable. Default text on drop-downs will also be translatable. Additionally, the columns will have max-widths to prevent long single words from forcing them to be too wide.

Another improvement is that henceforth, when a product has worldwide shipping, the confusing international shipping text will no longer appear below it. The issue with the international formatting of Bitcoin prices defaulting to 2 decimal places has been fixed, so now Bitcoin prices will always show 8 decimal places, with trailing zeroes truncated.

Chris Pacia, Lead Backend Developer at OpenBazaar, tells Cointelegraph that more updates are expected to follow as there are still areas that the company would like to improve upon. He explains that the goal is to maintain the quality which is expected from e-commerce websites.

He says:

“The latest release was mostly just bug fixes. Going forward, most of the releases in the 1.0 application are likely to just contain bug fixes. The major changes we are currently working on will be in the 2.0 series which will hopefully be out later this year.”

Notifications and other improvements

Other bug fixes and changes claimed in the announcement include:

  • Multiple bugs were fixed in the transactions view. Sorting will work much better now.
  • The dotted line around the user page now appears correctly and is sized right when customizing the user page.
  • Fixed the notifications badge sometimes showing a negative number.
  • The Libbitcoin not connected message text was changed to be more clear.
  • A bug where the wrong tab would load in settings after saving was fixed.
  • The settings page no longer caches, to prevent stale data when changes are made from the user page.
  • The my page link in the top right navigation always goes to the user’s page now.
  • Wallets are randomized, and CoinKite was removed
  • Images in the about section will no longer be set to 100% wide. Images instead have a maximum width of 100%.
  • When your own page is NSFW, and your account is set to block NSFW content, your own page will no longer be blocked.
  • The minimum Bitcoin price has been reduced to 0.0002 from 0.002.
  • The buyer guide is shown in the summary tab of the case in the transaction page transaction model.

Chris Pacia says about the next version of OpenBazaar:

“We are pleased with the progress we've made so far and usage of the app is fairly steady. We're really looking forward to 2.0 as we think it will be a more complete vision of what we're trying to do with OpenBazaar. The browsing and search experiences will be dramatically improved as will be the p2p network. The goal is to get it to the same quality people expect from e-commerce websites.”