There are many different and very extensive password storage and management services on the Web. The provision of additional options and possibilities are not the key factors for success and people’s choice, the most crucial part advanced and beginner users have to consider is safety and reliability. In case a service makes this principle the basic merit of development and progress, accepts Bitcoin and protects the right to voice even the most controversial opinions, then it is called Clipperz.

Do not consider everything that will be said further as an advertisement – keep the right to get acquainted with the pros and cons on Your own and to make the final decision – to use the platform or not. However, most experts of the branch were positively surprised by the approach stated by Marco Barulli, one of the founders of the company. The service is free of charge, runs on the most prevalent Internet browsers and can be accessed from a mobile platform. The easiness of use is also a desired factor of the developers to make the process of use smooth and comfortable, to minimize fails and mistakes. Mr. Barulli sees in Bitcoin a great example of anonymity, as a coin wallet or transaction performed is impossible to be associated with a real person having a particular name, address, email or phone number. The service also makes it hard to establish a link between a person and a Bitcoin or some other account.

The company does not want to know anything on their customers – the registration process is simple and does not require exceptional data. The only disadvantage of such detachment is the inability to restore a lost password as the logins are also unknown to the administration and the technicians. Such asceticism increases the level of security and allows due to simplicity to be used in the browser. Mr.Barulli says “We believe that convenience and ease of use is an important part of security. And the browser is … an ideal place to run crypto-based services.”

Sometime before the company and its capacities were located in Italy, but after several accusations from the authorities on possible suspicious wire transfers to be performed, was moved to Iceland. The northern island becomes a desired place for many similar activities as it is known as one of the most libertarian and democratic territories protecting the right to voice and share information. In the framework of International Modern Media Institute (IMMI), which supports the freedom of information, speech, and expression, the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (also IMMI) has become a safety guarantee for Clipperz and similar activities. The features provided by the policy and legislative basics ensure the functionality of many key options of password storage and management. The introduction of the rules was also endorsed by WikiLeaks, Global Voices, La Quadrature du Net and the Free Knowledge Institute, and many other organizations and entrepreneurs.

In case a user is willing not only to store his passwords for cryptocurrency accounts and wallets, he or she can also donate a sum to the developers to make the service even better and more popular among others, and also only in Bitcoin. Mr. Barulli got interested in the virtual currency in 2010, has tried to mine some coins on his own, on a private PC at home and actively supports the decentralized financial network. Still, he sees no implementation of other payment methods and virtual money any time soon, but in the closest future the service will become paid and only a trial version will be left to try for newcomers.