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Powered by Camino Network, this Web3 booking platform addresses the high fees and the lack of personalization options in the travel industry while also enabling crypto payments.

As financial freedom reaches the generation of digital natives — people who grew accustomed to solving their problems by tapping, double tapping or swiping — many industries realize that the only way for growth lies in technological advancements backed by sustainable practices and immersive experiences. This realization triggered a nonstop battle between innovative startups and traditional companies that mostly rely on legacy technology.

The taxi industry saw one of the biggest transformations during the 2010s with the introduction of ridesharing. Powered by mobile apps, ridesharing services like Uber became popular due to lower fees and personalized experiences — quickly starting to chip away at market share from traditional cabs. Over time, ride-hailing apps unseated taxis as the most popular way to get a ride, paving the way for a new era of user-focused transportation.

It took about three years for ride-hailing services to dethrone taxis in New York City. Source: Statista

It took about three years for ride-hailing services to dethrone taxis in New York City. Source: Statista

However, transportation is not the only industry that craves better, cost-effective and user-friendly alternatives. Filled with intermediaries, outdated tech infrastructures and high fees, the travel industry is also seeking an efficient solution — and the answer lies in blockchain technology.

How blockchain and AI help travelers to find top hotels

Crypto-native booking platform will combine blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a personalized experience for each traveler with seamless Web3 connectivity. The platform is deployed on Camino Network, the first layer-1 blockchain specifically developed to address the needs of the travel industry.

For travelers, all the innovation in the background means that each reservation made through will grant them top hotel recommendations along with exclusive discounts. This way, users can focus on their experience instead of spending time and resources to look for the best hotel to stay. Travelers can put their stay dates, required information as well as personal preferences into The platform then encrypts and transmits the info directly to the accommodation providers in the desired area using Camino Network. Based on travelers’ preferences, personalized offers are created on the blockchain with AI tools and delivered directly to users’ crypto wallets. is going to launch with crypto only, with more payment options to be added in the coming months. By supporting multiple crypto wallets during the checkout, the platform gives crypto users extra flexibility.

Camino Network to solve travel industry’s challenges

Camino Network’s blockchain was an easy pick for due to its focus on solving specific challenges related to the travel industry. The platform utilizes the connectivity features of GIATA, the world’s largest hotel content database and also one of Camino Network’s initial validators. With GIATA’s detailed database, is able to create personalized offers. Camino Network enables a common communication language for different parties with messaging standards that can be universally adopted by various travel companies within the network. This approach enhances interoperability and efficiency, mitigates miscommunication and improves the overall user experience for travelers and service providers. It is an especially vital need for the modern travel industry, which consists of multiple stakeholders such as booking agencies, hotel chains, airlines and local guides.’s AI-supported search engine is presented with an easy-to-understand interface. Source:’s AI-supported search engine is presented with an easy-to-understand interface. Source:

Hotels pay fees of up to 30% to intermediaries in traditional booking systems, which often reflect on the prices offered to consumers. will remove such third parties as intermediaries by operating on a decentralized blockchain network, enabling the platform to offer much better rates. is now in beta, with additions including a Discord/Telegram search bot, price alerts, hotel web application and a nonfungible token (NFT) collection planned for the time frame between the last quarter of 2023 and the first of 2024. founder and CEO Michael Ros said:

“Imagine a world where your crypto wallet is your passport to a multitude of personalized hotel offers sent to you as NFTs — that’s the vision we’re bringing to life with We’ve designed our platform to not only harness the power of blockchain but also evolve dynamically to meet the needs and preferences of our users.”

As the digital-native generation is making its way into the financial system, personalization, flexibility and a digital-first approach will be key drivers that impact whole industries. Coupled with the cost-effectiveness and performance of Web3, industry-specific solutions like will transform the way people book accommodations to suit the needs of the digital age.

Book your stay with crypto and this Web3 online travel agency powered by Camino Network

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