There is a quick start of the new Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver making the operations with $100 000 (Canadian) worth of transactions within the first eight days. So, in accordance with Robocoin, the enterprise, which is created the machinery, expects to see the development of equipment around the world.

Jordan Kelly who is the CEO of the company tells that finally Robocoin made Bitcoin available and obtainable. Kelley specifies that almost 80% of the business belongs to people purchasing bitcoin whereas the last 20% is on the hands of those people whose planes are to sell bitcoins for cash. Robocoin also notice that this machine is the first Bitcoin ATM all over the world. The location of this equipment is at Vancouver coffee shop which is called Waves Coffee and the owner of this machine is another Bitcoin company named Bitcoiniac. Kelley clarifies that the company has bought five equipments from Robocoin paying $20000 for each of them. There are plans of Bitcoiniac to develop these machines in Toronto, Montreal, London, and Berlin. Also Kelley says about other cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco which are in the waiting list and are going to get these machines in early 2014.

There is a transaction fee between 3 and 5% taken by the Vancouver machine with the distributing of money between Robocoin and Bitcoiniac. Since the moment of Robocoin`s startup at the end of October, the price on Bitcoins on the Bistamp exchange has risen from approximately $200 to more than $260 nowadays.