The digital currency and trading system PhenixCoin is on the edge – leading personalities cannot be allocated and contacted. The situation can be described as crucial for the currency that can be dated with this year’s May.

The disappeared representatives are the developer, the community and PR managers of the currency from the UNOCS groups uniting three similar coin systems. The initial idea was rather interesting – the uniting principle might simplify the use, widen the capabilities of the exchange system PhenixEx of the same developer and maybe later open some more homepages offering customers online casino, poker, pool and other types of gambling.

Many users and experts believe that the actions of the chairmanships were strange during the whole period of the establishment of the coin system/ strange decisions, not held dates and deadlines, mining of an extraordinary amount of coins might have led to such a result. The developer Michael Burns reasons his holding of distance from the community with problems having a private character.

It is necessary to mention that his developed exchange system works with several other types of digital currency – among them bitcoins, WorldCoins (WDC) and already mentioned PhenixCoins. Dues to the current problems many fund of the users are not moving inside the systems causing additional worries on the result.

The homepage of this exchange system features now a single message offering the users to provide the responsible personalities with their account details to receive back the coins. Still some users, even the PhenixCoin community manager have struggled on the way to the refund. Already a month he is waiting for a positive result and return of 9,9 BTC.

Joerri, the community manager, is not arguing that the reason for the problem is the limited access for the most persons in charge. All the power over the system and corresponding sited was under Burns control. Now the founder J.Carmichael has also disappeared. It was his idea to widen the business for a casino and gambling arena accessible even via iPad or iPhone.

Any kind of control is excluded both Carmichael and Burns limited the contacts even during the previous times. The staff had no possibility to argue some decisions or help in the development – discussions were not welcome. The code for two currencies remains unknown.

Some of the user community hope to relive a new age of PhenixCoins, but is more connected with personal funds stuck as with any further regular use of the system.

Ghostlander, also a developer, sees the problem in a small experience in the field of digital currency. He thinks that Burns and Carmichael were not ready for such global projects and it was a mistake to refuse offers of help. He currently works on new coin client software on a new platform. The repository of his own is placed on GitHub.

For the ones doubting or owning any of the PhenixCoins, please visit the satellite websites all closed with no real hope for future reopening.