It is still unknown what profits does the most renown social network gets by using its advertisement platform but more than a billion users (as they claim) are buyer’s force to be reckoned with. To this moment ads are available to be bought via classic methods – PayPal, credit cards and not so classic – Facebook Ad coupons. However, a screenshot recently shared by a FB employee from Netherlands, who is testing a new payment option, proves that social giant wants to go further.

Although my knowledge of Dutch cannot be described as Mariana Trench deep, I know a familiar word when I see one. Especially when it is accompanied by a logo. Yes, FB is going crypto. At least if the testing is successful and it proves to be worthwhile, though I don’t see how it could prove not.

Chamath Palihapitya, Facebook’s executive in the past and now the founder and manager partner of The Social+Capital Partnership has his own opinion of what the Bitcoin is. It can be described in one sentence:

“It’s a huge deal. It’s a huge huge huge deal!”

Facebook has always had this feeling of innovation and freshness and this test only supports it. While I doubt that anyone will rush to create new FB page just to promote it using bitcoins, people who do use this service might as well be willing to pay in crypto. For those who don’t have a channel to promote, but their appreciation towards bitcoin is motivating enough maybe you should try it As Chamath puts it:

“This is the time when people should try some really big crazy things!“