Messaging apps are commonplace in our day-to-day interactions, with more than 3.6 billion people worldwide using them. For perspective, the average person is estimated to send up to 72 messages every day. While messaging has dramatically opened up the door to communication, recent high-profile events have shown just how concerning the management of data collected from these apps can be. In September 2021, WhatsApp was fined 255 million euros for data sharing violations. Before this, in August 2020, Telegram suppressed a data leak that exposed the personal information of nearly 500 million of its users.

Although these concerns were brought to the attention of the media, messaging companies are still operating under practices that suggest data governance has not been solved for good. Perhaps most concerning are the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and human moderators to flag (and therefore monitor) all messages being sent by participants, the need for messaging applications to access users’ personal contacts and the collection of IP data. Taken together, the growth in internet connectivity and mobile communications will only increase the amount of data being stored, further increasing the risk of information being stolen from the cloud.

Recognizing the need for a solution, Secretum is taking to the power of blockchain technology. The platform itself has been designed as the world’s first and only decentralized, encrypted messaging app on the Solana blockchain. The platform allows users to communicate directly and anonymously with another wallet holder through a decentralized distributed node network. 

When asked about their why, a member from their team shares, “we are building this app because we envision a world where communications and assets are completely free from intermediaries, risks of theft, or any other external threat.”

The secret to security

To ensure user privacy is protected, all data and messages sent and received on the Secretum platform are stored on trusted nodes on the platform’s own private Solana-based blockchain network. Therefore, the Secretum messaging app does not collect sensitive personal data such as an email or phone number. With no data being collected or stored, there is no risk of a data hack. Instead, messaging is based on the wallet addresses of each user through the node network. 

Furthermore, the security risks with centralized user data storage are eliminated with the blockchain, bypassing concerns around a central point of failure. Last but not least, Secretum aims to avoid geographic and political obstacles, ensuring messages are not censored, filtered or tampered with by an unknown third party.

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Today, the capability of messaging between wallet owners is unprecedented in the market. In fact, the entire concept of communicating and trading with another party without previously knowing them or having each other in their contact lists is still foreign to most users. As a result, this level of communication will open up an endless number of opportunities for exchanging not only messages but other assets and files from those who would’ve previously been disconnected. In combination with solutions for crypto asset ownership and over-the-counter (OTC) trading that are safe and cost-effective, the team believes this will be an enormous step forward in accelerating cryptocurrency adoption and adding liquidity to the market.

In practice, Secretum is built on a three-layer architecture comprising the Blockchain, Nodes and the Application itself. The first layer is a private network, a preferred method to user privacy, which will also route the request from one node to the next in the most efficient way possible.

Becoming part of a revolution

Secretum develops the concept and framework of their project, including building and expanding the development team, getting private sale investment from the crypto community and VC funds and building an active community who will be the first adopters.

For those interested in supporting the project, Secretum encourages users to join the waitlist for future private sales. By doing so, participants can enter the messaging and trading revolution Secretum is striving to lead.

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