Leading technologists believe the internet will soon evolve into the metaverse, a digital experience that offers mind-blowing virtual realities. Within the metaverse, users can be a part of immersive experiences in different virtual spaces, owning and trading things like they do in the real world or traveling to distant parts of the world without leaving the couch.

Although just a concept, if the metaverse did become a reality, it could have the potential to transform society and the industry as a whole. Some believe that with the metaverse, participants can be a part of a better version of the world we live in today, one free from the pain, sorrow and other problems plaguing people today.

TCG World aims to bring the metaverse to life as the first 4K virtual reality low poly game and the largest open-world metaverse on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), taking place over 800 km2. The NFT-based virtual world leverages the play-to-earn approach in the form of a gaming platform, TCG Coin 2.0 and TCG World. As players participate in the game, they may experience the next generation of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), a grouping of assets that are both collectible pieces of art and a part of a more vast, virtual environment.

The world of TCG, also known as Trading Card Game, consists of 100,000 user-owned pieces of digital land, each sold in the form of an NFT. Each plot differs in size, from Silver to Diamond offerings. The team is excited to share that more than $1,000,000 was raised in their latest presale round, a value determined from each land plot being the equivalent of 1 Binance Coin (BNB). 

Everything is an NFT

Land is only one of the NFTs players may own in the game. Other opportunities to own digital assets include in-game cars and horses, even extending so far as the distributed trophies. As a part of the play-to-earn model, these NFTs can later be sold or traded in the marketplace for cryptocurrency, traded into fiat currency or used for staking, allowing for an annual percentage yield (APY). 

Every asset differs greatly in originality. Although there are two main types of virtual land plots, farming and regional plots, assets gain additional differences based on their region, whether they are located in North, East, Asia or South areas. Different regions will result in different benefits, rewards and opportunities to earn passive income.

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Rare NFTs can be caught as Sprites that may be found within the TCG World, trained, evolved and later taken into battle against other players. As NFTs evolve, players have the opportunity to hold an increasingly rare asset that can be sold for more TCG tokens. TCG tokens can also be connected throughout gameplay, mined or purchased on exchanges like Pancake Swap (CAKE).

When looking at the beginning of the TCG World metaverse, a leading expert from their team shares,

"TCG World is more than an NFT game; it's an NFT experience. Throughout the metaverse, you will find hidden quests, challenges, and mini-games, all of which give you the chance to earn more NFTs and add to your collection. In TCG World, your NFTs are the way you move around, experience, and share with all your friends."

Get in, get on

Bringing users together worldwide is further made possible with several partners. Among them is Jason Paige, the man in charge of the Pokémon theme song. Working collaboratively with him resulted in the song "Get in Get on!" as featured in their Gameplay trailer.

Other notable news includes the successful contract migration of the TCG coin to TCGCoin 2.0, the emergence of a central streaming stadium for live TCG tournaments and virtual concerts, partnerships with WallStreetBets, SGO, Starship, Women in Crypto, Retro DeFi, Blockchain Collective, She’s Blockchain Savvy and a bridge connection between the web marketplace and PC game built to allow users to transfer NFT items directly from the PC based game.

As the number of developments continues to grow, users are then left with the decision of what they will do with their plot in the metaverse. Build the home of their dreams? Live out a fantasy as a chef? Or take advantage of the earning opportunities? As the team behind TCG World suggests, it's all up to the user.

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