The world of play-to-earn games is changing.

In the early days of this still nascent industry, some players were able to clock up substantial earnings.

Some in South East Asia even ended up quitting their jobs to focus on P2E because they were receiving higher incomes than in their day jobs.

But there were questions over whether this was sustainable — and with the bear market setting in, many big names in the P2E space have had to make significant adjustments to ensure their projects are still viable. Some have now announced that they're making a shift to "play-and-earn," meaning there's less emphasis on the financial side of gameplay.

There are titles out there offering a paltry 39 cents a day to even the most active players — a sum that's hardly likely to set the world on fire.

Now, a new P2E game that's being released at the end of July aims to stand out from rivals in the space — with free biweekly tournaments that offer more opportunities to get involved.

AgeOfGods allows players to build up a team of gods and experiment with different strategies — plus, in a novel twist, they'll be able to battle even when you're offline. Gamers can create and join guilds, and climb a global leaderboard to win prizes.

The project told Cointelegraph: "Only games that are either fun enough or provide sufficient earning potential will survive, the time of blind growth is over. We therefore see this bear market as a huge opportunity to be able to rise to the top."

Cutting-edge partnerships

AgeOfGods has also exclusively revealed that it's entered into a partnership with — and it's becoming one of the first play-to-earn platforms in the world to implement the exchange's Pay product. Pay has been positioned as a powerful new payment method that allows merchants to be paid through an easy-to-use checkout — enabling users to send crypto to friends for free, top up mobile airtime, buy gift cards, and buy NFTs.

Partnerships have also been established with the core farms of PancakeSwap and Biswap, further broadening the potential user base of AgeOfGods.

Once AgeOfGods has been fully launched, the number of gods available for battle is set to expand substantially — keeping up with the growing number of participants in each biweekly tournament. This will give players the chance to experiment with different strategies — and given that there's no sure-win combination and plenty of unique levels to conquer, gamers have plenty to keep them busy.

An action NFT card game gives players the chance to have a lineup of five gods — and they can select deities from three different mythologies. The challenge here includes handpicking distinctive, complementary attributes that form a well-rounded defense while in battle.

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Ready to go

AgeOfGods says that its infrastructure has been audited by Certik — giving players confidence in the game. Overall, it received a Skynet Trust Score of 80/100, and no critical vulnerabilities were discovered during the investigation.

The project also claims it boasts an experienced game studio, with members who have worked for major brands including Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Amazon.

After a blow-off top in 2021, play-to-earn games are now once again finding their feet. Enhancements to gameplay and tokenomics are continually being made to offer users the best experience — and ensure this burgeoning sector is a force to be reckoned with, wrestling market share from gaming's traditional titans.

With 2022 now in full swing, AgeOfGods is hoping to offer fans a slice of heaven.

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