Alex Leverington is their lead P2P dev and also an Ethereum core dev.  He’s done major work on rlpx, web3, and whisper.

Shh, enough bitcoin noise. What‘s happening on the Ethereum Network? Alex Leverington from the Golem project joins Corey and Dee to talk about distributed computing. WTF is distributed computing? Listen to the episode and find out, duh. You’ll hear Corey in his element talking about coding and programing, which gives him the upper hand in this almost interrogation like interview. Alex does a fantastic job answering each question in full detail. Unfortunately some of this chatter is fired over a non coders head. Luckily, Dee and his excellent retro analogies bridge that overhead gap. Don’t let the complexity of this episode scare you away, instead tune in and you’ll learn a lot about machine learning and the Ethereum Network.

“Golem is AirBnB for your computer.”

- Alex Leverington

Ethereum is to the world computer as Golem is to the world’s computing. Alex Leverington explains the many different levels of computing problems that content creators face and how Golem aims to solve each of them via distributed computing. Listening to Corey and Alex go back and forth, question after answer, will leave you with a sense of excitement for the future of distributed computation. Just when you think something’s going over your head, Dee chimes in with classic humorous antidotes and some simplifying analogies. There’s many aha moments with fun facts and laughs, to keep you entertained as well as informed. 

Golem has many different implementation levels of distributed computation, tune in and learn about each of those and their individual purpose. You’ll learn how Golem is planning on solving distributed computational problems with their peer to peer network running on Ethereum. Find out how Golem is using the Ethereum Network to bridge the gap between digital content creators and high end computing power. Golem is empowering the common content creators of the world, the ones who can’t afford supercomputers.

“I don’t want to create Skynet.”

- Alex Leverington

Golem is yet another shining example of what the Ethereum Network is truly capable of, especially when it comes to machine learning.  Golem works by utilizing idle computation power and turning that into revenue based on a level of difficulty. Explaining this could get pretty complex for a short description, but if you tune in and listen to this episode you’ll walk away with a much better idea of how Golem will inevitably become Skynet. 

In ten words or less, what is Ethereum?

“Ethereum is an internet service that provides trusted code execution.”

- Alex Leverington