Ethereum is all-the-rage within the crypto community and with ConsenSys fueling the fire, things are looking mighty bright. Amanda Gutterman from ConsenSys joins Corey, to discuss decentralizing the world. This is your golden ticket to tour, the imagination station inside the Ethereum think tank, ConsenSys. Does this make Amanda, the Willy Wonka of blockchain? Come with me and you’ll see…

ConsenSys wants to help Devs build DAPPs that handle peer-2-peer transactions based on reputable information on the Ethereum Network. DAPPs are decentralized applications built on blockchain technology. The Ethereum Network is a blockchain built for storing decentralized information. With all that said, you gonna learn today!

“Wherever trust is a problem, blockchain can be a solution.”

- Amanda Gutterman

When Amanda speaks about Ethereum, you can sense a smile on her face and an enthusiastic tone in her voice. It’s damn near contagious, reinvigorating even. Especially when she’s reminiscing on her ‘ah-ha moment’ with Ethereum. Corey really comes out of his shell in this one.

“We’re a blockchain venture studio.”

- Amanda Gutterman

It’s safe to say, Amanda Gutterman really knows her shit. You won’t be disappointed by this conversation, but what you will do, is regret not taking the time to tune in and power up your crypto mana. This is a wholesome episode for anyone hungry for knowledge for Ethereum and projects in the space. You’ll get basics, speculation and heartening information, that’ll leave you quenched.

Yours, Akasha, blockchain tech, advertising, social media and the future of the decentralized web. With tech like this, who will use it? How will it be used? These are just some of the topics and questions we took the opportunity to discuss with Amanda. There’s much more, just press play!

“Identity is the foundational layer of all of this.”

- Amanda Gutterman

This interview will open your eyes to the possibilities of a decentralized world, and the benefits of living in one. You’ll get excited for the future of crypto and its physical world adaptations.

Imagine your car has a job, while you're not using it, it takes the money it earns and buys itself gas, pay its insurance and get maintenance. This is the world of Ethereum, that’s the world of the internet of things.

ConsenSys is lucky to have Amanda, she’s intelligent, imaginative and focused, a danger to hackneyed ideas. It’s easy to see how successful Ethereums’ DAPPs will be in the future, with ConsenSys and Amanda supporting the foundation.

There’s no earthly way of knowing/Which direction they are going… There’s no knowing where they’re rowing… But, you can listen to this episode for an idea.