Bitcoin was going to change the world until it wasn’t. But now it is again. Oh sure, you’ve heard this before. Back in 2013, everyone was sure bitcoin was the next big thing. Then the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, imploded, and everyone was sure bitcoin was dead. Pundits tend to think that way: you’re It, or you’re not. The reality of it is a little different. But not for one man. Arthur is a journalist and content marketing specialist with a background in media production. He has produced several popular blockchain centric podcasts, most notably Beyond Bitcoin and The Ether Review. He leads ConsenSys Media, the in house media outlet and produces the ConsenSys State Change podcast. Since the last time he was on our show he gave a ‘peace out’ to the U.S. and now resides in paradise. We’re not jealous though. Nope.