The more we talk about the Ethereum Network the more it sounds like Terminator’s Skynet. Fingers crossed BigChainDB does not become Cyberdyne Systems.

Data, Data… Get Your Unimpeachable Data Here! This one’s hot off the blockchain folks.

The one, the only, Bruce Pon from the aspiring BigChainDB- database on a blockchain, joins us for a one on one talk with our upmost esteemed host Corey. Bruce and Corey talk about the basics of smart contracts and the veracity of their data. They cover smart contracts top to bottom, and blockchains left to right. This is this year's most intellectually inclined episode yet!

What if someone hacks the data source to corrupt a contract? Did someone say Oracle? Yeah, it’s that kinda episode. (Bend the spoon)

“We want to define the richness of copyright claims.”

- Bruce Pon

This one’s not for the novice or the noobs of blockchain, this is more catered to the advanced veterans in the space. But, don’t let this discourage you from tuning in and leveling up your blockchain comprehension. This is a perfect glass ceiling, for anyone interested in blockchain, to brake. Just don’t tune in looking for morning jockey humor, because you’ll be given a thick dose of blunt information with a follow up of educated speculation. Which is healthy and necessary for anyone new or accredited in the blockchain space.

“Somebody's going to be incentivized to change the results, even it just for ten minutes.”

- Bruce Pon

What if I told you ‘everything the contract knows is a lie’? Would have been a totally awesome quote from Bruce, if this were in fact The Matrix… But, sadly it’s not. Yet, there’s some verity to that statement.

What if a smart contract was given dumb data? Would it still be considered a smart contract? Well, that’s the topic of discussion today.

“It is the bridge between the ledgers of value.”

- Bruce Pon

The more I learn about the Ethereum Network and their smart contracts, the more I don’t understand how they will ever strive. On the other hand, the more I listen, the more I understand how smart contracts will eventually work. The idea is solid, the execution is malleable and will solidify in due course. Most importantly to smart contracts are the contracts, bugs and patches. Finding flaws and weaknesses written in smart contracts, like The DAO fiasco, is a necessary evil to a positive good. Unfortunately experiments like this depend upon futurists and their willingness to take risks. Luckily for us there’s Bruce Pon and BigChainDB.

Rest assure that Bruce Pon and BigChainDB are what smart contracts need.

Can you explain blockchain in ten words or less?

“Decentralization technology that’s a general purpose technology for the world.”

- Bruce Pon