Today, we have a special episode for ya'll. Chris Horlacher, the founder and CEO of Equibit, comes on the show to talk shop, and lay down truth on the recent controversy.

Initially, we had Chris on to discuss the upcoming events of Equibit, and all the excitement around their supernodes, as well as their new platform.

Because real life happens while you're making plans, we had to bring him back on to roundtable with us! After our interview, the Equibit team released a press release concerning ties with John McAfee. Some bad press got out and (of course) the internet exploded over it. So you guys get the real deal with Chris as he explains what happens and what is truly going on with John McAfee and Equibit.

"We had been having discussions with him about him coming on in some capacity."

- Chris Horlacher

After we clear the air with any misconceptions about Equibit and John McAfee, was well as detail his actual role in the company, we dive into some sweet conspiracy about all the companies jumping ship on R3. Who do you agree with?

This episode has also a first as our interviewee introduces himself leading to the actual interview. During the interview, we dive deep into what Equpbit has been up to, and how their building a decentralized OTC securities platform.

"The kind of investor we're talking about here is what we call an accredited investor."

- Chris Horlacher

Another interesting discussion that comes up is what a "Supernode" is, and why its necessary within the crypto community. Equibit has developed a specialized peice of hardware that boasts some great numbers in terms of what matters in how cryptography is done. What does that mean for the end user? Fast security, they hope. Chris tells us that you would use a Supernode to do your cryptography, like you'd use a modern video card to render your computer video game.

Come give it a listen, and find out why Equibit might be the future in how you invest, or why Supernodes might be the future of crypto.

"Even if they grab the thing and walk out of the building, they still won't get at the private keys."

- Chris Horlacher