Podcast: Christopher Jeffrey - Bitcoin Bike-Shed

BCoin is a bitcoin client which implements BIP-37. It can track transactions, public keys, and public key hashes (bitcoin addresses) without saving the entire blockchain to disk.

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Podcast: Christopher Jeffrey - Bitcoin Bike-Shed

BCoin is a fullnode bitcoin client which implements all the latest BIPs (BIP 150, 151, and more) and includes support for SegWit. Since bcoin is a fullnode it can process the entire blockchain just like bitcoincore and btcd. BCoin is implemented in pure javascript, and is browserify-able (this means compiling a binding to an ECDSA library is not even required for node.js). They have now begun integrating the Lightning Network. It’s tentatively called “blight” (bcoin Lightning) for now. Purse.io takes over this episode as both Christopher Jeffrey (JJ) who is the CTO & Engineer at Purse and podcast regular Steven McKie join us in the studio. We continue to give you that mid-week goodness.


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