Extra, extra, hear all about it! AirBitz that is! Get ready for exclusively released breaking news in this interview, on the future of AirBitz. In this episode Doctor Petty hosts a solo interview with Paul Puey. It’s been about a year since having Paul on the show — he helps us catch up and recaps on the ins and outs of AirBitz to refresh our mental palates.

Paul goes over his start in the space and the current goals set forth for the AirBitz of today. Going on to explain how he left his job in late 2013 to built a team by early 2014, that set forth [that built] the Airbitz of today. We learn that Puey’s initial motivations (namely synchronization without compromising security), and how the company has been seasoned by events in the cryptosphere these last few years.

“If Bob’s the only person missing at the party and there’s someone with a sheet on their head, it’s probably Bob,” says Paul Puey.

Security for private keys, ease of use via login credentials, password reminders and lost passwords are just a few of the insightful topics covered in this highly energetic interview. Going back and forth Corey keeps Paul against the ropes with a combination of questions that dig deep and reveal the true intestinal information. You can hear in both their voices a passion for sharing knowledge that’s easily picked up on as you listen, making understanding the content that much more enjoyable.

Corey is like the father family figure on the show, always taking the mature route. When he has his own solo interviews things can tend to stick to the narrative, with less segues and an organized flow to the questioning, making it easy to follow along and absorb the information. Listening to this interview is enlightening to the point you’ll feel like you have an advantage on the space after listening.

Go, press play, listen and come back with questions. We might not be experts, but we are professionals whose goal is to help you grow with us. Please feel free to reach out with comments, questions, or even your opinions. Let’s build the future together, one podcast episode at a time!

10 Words or less, what is bitcoin?

“Digital money that you and I own, and nobody else.”- Paul Puey