Our latest guest could be called The Madhatter of the bitcoin world, being as he wears so many hats within the community. Jack Tatar as in tatertots, joins Corey and Cello to lend highly solicited investment advice.

Jack Tatar is a bitcoin and blockchain expert involved with many publcations, belonging to About.comMarketWatch.com and Bitcoinist.net, he’s also an advisor to Lawnmower. He’s also the author of financial publications, widely known for his title ‘What’s the deal with bitcoins’

This interview the guys waste not by seizing the opportunity and seeking financial advice. Put your thinking caps on, sit back, listen and learn while Corey and Cello get taken back to school in this highly educated episode. Financial expert Jack Tatar breaks down exactly how to take a seat on this investment vehicle that is known as bitcoin. Listening is an investment in yourself, so tune in and stock up, get it, stock up..?

“I’m the old-guy in the room at many of the bitcoin conferences.”

- Jack Tatar

Jack The Man Of Many Hats Tatar has 25+ years of experience under his belt within the financial industry and over 4 years in the bitcoin world. Normally listening to investment chatter can be mundane to say the least, believe it or not, but Jack’s excitement and enthusiasm for bitcoin is captivating and contagious to say the least.

You’ll literally find yourself lost in his talk radio worthy voice, as he describes his visions on the future of blockchain and the innovations utilizing them like the Ethereum Network and Lawnmower. Jack’s becoming the bitcoin investor guru and the go to guy for advice in the space, so If you’ve been waiting to hear about bitcoin as an alternative investment option press Play, because this one’s just for you! Have you ever even heard of the bitcoin investment trust known as GBTC on the traditional exchange known as the stock market? Well, you gonna learn today! After listening to this interview you’re going to wish you had more worthless government currency to invest in this magic internet money, called bitcoin.

“This is going to change things.”

- Jack Tatar

It’s comforting knowing someone with as much financial experience as Jack Tatar is an advisor to the new age digital era investment platform that is Lawnmower. His involvement only adds to their increasing credibility as Lawnmower becomes the best investment platform for building a crypto portfolio and away from being known as a spare change savings account. Listening to someone who knows his shit as well as Jack is calming in these almost chaotic times.

Jack’s been involved with Wall Street since his first job out of college, and he’s been involved with blockchain since MTGOX. Get ready to feel more confident about your risky bitcoin investments, or at least get an understand on how risky it really is. If you’re involved with bitcoin for it’s investment potential or at least interested, this is not the interview you want to skip. Class is now in session!

Can you describe bitcoin in ten words or less?

"Bitcoin is a digital currency that can solve many of the problems of society and can also benefit you as an investment vehicle."

- Jack Tatar