The origin of this interview takes us back to the BlockChannel Podcast, hosted by Steven McKie and our own Demetrick Ferguson. The BlockChannel coexists here on The Bitcoin Podcast, where they take-on blockchain technology with a more educational approach, that speaks to the academia crowd. Dee was first introduced to the Ujo project during the BlockChannel’s 1st interview, with Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin. This conversation took place on Ep1, click here to listen.

“What can the blockchain do for this industry?”

- J.Grushack

Ujo Music is making bitcoin sexy, and sex sells, so for that we thank them. We invited the Co-founder of Ujo Music, Jesse Grushack, onto the show, where he explains the appeal behind his platform, Ujo Music (Ooo-Joe).

This interview dives deep into the practical and physical real world implementations of blockchain technology, where bitcoin gets its value. Listen to how bitcoin’s blockchain is changing the physical world of things, just like the Internet has already done. Press play and you’ll get a better understanding of how bitcoin’s blockchain is the internet 2.0.

This episode is pure ear candy! Sounds so good it’ll have your hard wallet salivating. Just listening to Dee and Corey tag team Jesse with a barrage of off the chain questions, which are answered with subtle genuineness, is simply eye opening. Conversations like these, where we learn about real world problems caused by archaic systems, give us hope for bitcoin adoption. The value of a cryptocurrency comes from its blockchain use case, and Ujo Music is use-casing the hell outta the blockchain. This is where you’ll learn bitcoin’s true value, within its unforeseen use cases.

“How do you value music?”

- J. Grushack

Have you ever watched Office Space? Well, the music industry isn’t far off from the plot line. The money distribution in the music industry is so squirmy, it’s damn near impossible to follow the paper trail. This leaves artist practically starving, while their hard work literally lines the pockets of the notorious middleman. This interview covers how Ujo Music will eventually cut out the middlemen, and empower the independent content creators in the digital era.

“We just want to create more art in the world.”

- J. Grushack

It’s the interviews like this, that secure our faith in bitcoin and blockchain technology, especially when it comes to it’s future, via use cases. Without blockchain implementation bitcoin adoption is fruitless. What’s the point of everyone using something, if it does nothing? What Jesse is doing with Ujo is nothing short of heroic, by taking the risk of being first, of being myspaced. The Ujo team are giving it their all and leaving nothing on the sidechain, building Ujo into something the music industry will have no choice but to utilize for their own good. Ujo Music is where bitcoin’s blockchain meets the mainstream, but remains behind the scenes.

Can you explain blockchain in ten words or less?

“Blockchain allows trustless transactions between individuals on a global microscale"

- J. Grushack