Kicking off our 100th episode with a bang! Be careful Googling the name of our latest guest, you’ll get an eyeful. In this interview Dr.Corey and Mr.Cello get down and dirty with adult film star and crypto inverter Keni Stylez. There are many walks of life in the bitcoin community and for each, there is a unique story. Keni has about the most unique story of them all. He’s not only into screwing beautiful women on the big screen, he’s also into screwing the taxman on the blockchain. From working in the military to working in the adult industry, to now being a well known voice in the bitcoin community. Keni’s story is the perfect use case for anyone, new or old, to bitcoin or crypto currencies, who are looking for answers as to 'why even bitcoin?' Tune in and get turned on, onto bitcoin that is!

"When bitcoin came along I was like, yeah that checks all the boxes for me."

- Keni Stylez 

When asked what got him into bitcoin, Keni releases a deeply personal story. During this interview we are blessed with a tell all story about Keni’s aha moment with bitcoin. Using his past experiences with extremely risky schemes and investments, he could clearly see the difference between those and bitcoin. This interview shines a light onto how like porn or anything else fringe, bitcoin has shady people involved who ruin it’s reputation, which cripples mass adoption. This episode will give you the most unique perspective into the financial struggles of being unbanked in the digital era. Living and working in and out of foreign countries with an on again and off again approval for a work visa forces an evolution in order to survive, and that’s what Keni did. Listen to Keni explain what he did and why he did it, how he survived being a digital nomad, by utilizing the financial tools available to him.

"I’m an investor now, simply by putting my savings into it."

- Keni Stylez

With platforms like Steemit and Yours among the numerous adult cam sites, Keni makes an honest living publishing content that earns him donations from fans. Using these platforms for a source of income can be awkwardly tricky, especially since the taxman always has his hand out for his cut. Keni avoids this by remaining retired and collecting donations from his online fans via vlogs, blogs and on cam sites. Using his phone as a bank and bitcoin as cash, he manages to live a perfectly happy financial life without involving the taxman. Don’t try to guilt the man for not paying taxes, you’ll be quickly educated on the topic as to why his conscience is in the clear, both legally and morally. This is a very enlightening interview and an extremely interesting episode for anyone, especially those into porn and bitcoin. Click play and you’ll be fully immersed in an experience like no other podcast can produce. 

In ten words or less, what is Bitcoin?

"Internet money of the future."

- Keni Stylez