Ever since OpenBazaar was released, content creators immediately took a liking to this decentralized marketplace approach. For smaller artists and creators, monetization has always been a struggle. This is particularly true in the music industry, where competition is relentless and far too many middlemen want their cut. Myco, a group that can also be found on Bandcamp, has posted their new EP, Vinyl, and CD up for sale on OpenBazaar. The first song they released is called “Myceliated” and is essentially about fungus and the effect it has on the universe and the human experience as well as decentralization and how bitcoin can end wars. All of this goes to show the group is planning to keep accepting Bitcoin payments for future releases. Lead singer Henry, and drummer Andrew join us in the studio to chat about the process and more. Myco’s style of music is all about expressing the psychedelic dream of life. In a way, it was only a matter of time until they ventured into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.