Part 2 of the Steven McKie character piece is featured at the top of the show! However, this episode, we also talk with Max Kordek, the founder of a new decentralized platform called Lisk. Lisk had an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) early 2016 and collected 14,000 Bitcoin. You do the math on that. That's Arab money right there, son! Since the launch of Lisk there was a lot of confusion about what it really is, and what it enables people to do in the future. While it’s true that you can implement practically everything into a Lisk sidechain, Max believes that the blockchain space is big enough to have several projects solving the same issues, and we agree. Max gladly came on our show to clean up some misunderstandings, and explain briefly what Lisk is and what it isn’t. LISK will go to the moonnn, only need patience!

Addendum: In the show, we mention incorrectly that they are currently doing their ICO. The ICO has already taken place, as described in the description above.