We’re changing our name to “The Ethereum Podcast”, not really, but now that I have your attention… This interview is all about Ethereum. Corey goes one on one in another solo interview with Mel Gelderman, founder of Monolith Studios. Monolith Studios created the TokenCard, a smart contract visa debit card. Mel is a true entrepreneur who started from the bottom, literally, and is now sitting comfortably at the top. He started by selling algae and is now slinging crypto currency smart contract debit cards. That’s one hell-of-a career change.

Corey and Mel discuss all things Ethereum, from current use cases to future implementations and how the TokenCard will add to the possibilities. If you’re interested in Ethereum and what it means for the future, this episode was designed to entice as well as quench your minds thirst. Press play and enjoy yet another rabbit hole…

“Ethereum is the real life Monolith.”

- Mel Gelderman

Monolith’s TokenCard is exactly what is needed to on-ramp Ethereum adoption, giving smart contracts a real world presents. It’s an Ethereum debit card! Whaa!?

Listen, learn and pay homage to these two Super Nerds! Smart contracts are for smart people, nuff said. But, with tools like the TokenCard, even the average PAB can benefit. Only on our show will you get this kind of conversation, guaranteed.

Corey and Mel go back and forth from past, present and even speculate on the future of Ethereum and smart contracts. With a Visa Debit card linked to a smart contract account the possibilities are endless.

The recent price rise of ETH has brought a lot of attention to Ethereum, so if you’er new to “the internet of things” this episode is the perfect on-ramp.

Monoliths TokenCard is too amazing to explain in a short description, so you’ll have to take my word and press play to learn more. Like, what about charge backs?

“TokenCard is a distributed banking platform.”

- Mel Gelderman

Ethereum and smart contracts are the future and with Mel Gelderman and Monolith Studios’ new TokenCard the future is already here. I’m excited to see what Ethereum based projects like Swarm.City will do with a tool like the TokenCard.

The possibilities for what decentralized smart contracts can do are only limited to the imagination of the developers working in the space. What Mel Gelderman is doing is without a doubt crucial to the adoption of Ethereum and smart contracts, and the attention of amazing developers. Monolith Studios is bridging the technological gap between the average person and the world of smart contracts. It’s thanks to projects like the TokenCard and companies like Monolith, that Ethereum adoption is growing and gaining popularity.

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Can you explain Ethereum in ten words or less?

“A technology that allows for hyper integration of other technologies.”

- Mel Gelderman