In this episode of The Bitcoin Podcast be ready for a spoiler! Dee gives everyone his opinion of the latest Hollywood movie, “Arrival.” His 5-star review is undeniable and will stand the test of time as it sears itself into the tombs of infamy and legend. As you embrace this week’s episode with the tandem of your mind and your heart, allow that tandem to take a ride on ARK.IO’s vision of a future where all blockchains are connected. Mike Doty, Managing Director of ARK.IO, visionary, promotor, Guardian of Decentralization, Bastion of Digital Currency, Bishop of the SmartBridge, and all around cool dude, stops by to talk ARK shop talk with Dee. If you like the technicals, Mike brought them, laid them out on the table, and then shows you how they are set. Sidechains…were they vaporware? Mike and his team doesn’t have time to find out, they ae too busy making bridges…SmartBridges. The team at ARK.IO actually does have a bridge that they would like to sell you, and if you are interested in buying you can head over to ARK.IO and participate in the ICO. Lastly, enjoy and if your reading, Zoe, you’re always Dee’s number one, but, Viola, Dee sees you! Arrival sucks.