Earlier this year we shed some light on a brand new program. Exosphere Academy added a stream devoted to Ethereum and blockchain technology for the first time. Moritz Bierling was responsible putting the course together and helping participants navigate this exciting new arena. Now, ready to open up the program to a new class starting in early 2017, we welcome Moritz back and new instruct Schlomi to shed light on what to expect, the changes between the last class and this new one, and most importantly, what cool projects came to light from the last class. If this conversation piques your interest, join the 8-week residential program to learn new skills, build exciting projects with other dynamic people, and jumpstart your new life & career. Others have already made this jump. With the right skills, you can join them. Transform passions into professions. Discover new interests. Build a life in this new and exciting reality.

At the center of Exosphere’s approach to education is our commitment to learning-by-doing. The Internet of Things is a field that offers a special chance to build real, functional devices, connect existing ones, and understand the interconnections that are blurring the lines between the online and offline worlds. Registration deadline is November 7, 2016. Listen to this episode, then visit the website and change your life!