Nate Dogg said it best: ‘Smoke weed everyday‘. Well, at least the legal kind, right? Well this episode, it’s blockchain meets cannabis as The TOKES Platform provides a digital currency solution dedicated to the Cannabis Industry via a token called, you guessed it, “TOKES.” The token can be utilized by customers to facilitate in-dispensary purchases, and in a business-to-business capacity across industry participants. The TOKES Platform, can assist your business with transitioning assets currently sitting in cash into a secure digital format, which can be stored securely, under your own control. With this episode, we invite Michael Wagner on to facilitate the necessary education and training to secure and protect digital assets. Also, our faith in bitcoin is kind of in limbo.

UH OH! *Rips open tunic* We are the Bitcoin Podcast and we love bitcoin more than Moses loved wandering through the sand. *Steps down from marble throne.*