This week we sit down with former Wall St. trader and now Bitcoin expert, Tone Vays. We talk about his stance on drugs, Roger Ver debates, and of course, the technical aspects on what makes crypto tick nowadays. Let’s move this discussion beyond Roger Ver’s complaints of not being able to make micro transactions On-Chain and move straight to the Chinese Miners and more specifically Bitmain. They not only manage the biggest mining pool in the space, they are also the predominant chip maker that most of the world uses to then compete with them for global hash rate. They have already demonstrated that they don’t care about clearing transaction by not mining full blocks, so what can be their motivation for wanting Bigger Blocks? Press play to get the low-down.

Tone Vays

Talking to Tone Vays about cryptocurrency politics is an enlightening experience for any bitcoin enthusiast, new or old to the space. He’s a man who isn’t afraid to admit what he doesn't know, but what he does, he does know well, and for that we respect him. Tone clears the air and cuts the shit in this interview. This is the kind of episode your friends are gonna be talking about tomorrow. Don’t miss out, press play now!

“Bitcoin is a way to send censorship resistant payments.”

- Tone Vays

Cello and Corey get Tone to whip it out and talk block size… In blockchain, size totally matters, but why? In this interview you’ll get the ins and outs of what Segwit is and why it’s the blocksize solution. In addition Tone touches on his debate with Roger Var and what he thought the community gained from it. All this talk about forks got you hungry for more? Yeah, me too.

We would love to have Roger Ver on our show to speak in his defence, but unfortunately we’re not entirely sure he would hold a reasonable conversation. If you’re reading this Roger, the door is always open bro bro. (please come change our minds)

“The original point for Segwit was mostly to fix transaction malleability.”

-Tone Vays

Tone talks about scaling, segwit, fees, and explains the difference between a soft and hard fork. If you’re new to this space this could really help you catch up to date on the current events and lingo.

With terms like Lightning, Segwit, forking, and names like bitcoin, classic and unlimited, this whole crypto space can feel a little overwhelming, but don’t fret lil PAB, we got you. Corey breaks down all the overhead information to digestible byte sizes. After you listen to this you’ll gobble up all the lingo and start talking at the big boys table. For the vets in the room, this interview will quench your unlimited thirst.

“It’s clear the users want segwit.”

-Tone Vays

Tone has a trading record a mile long, that he posts publicly, so he’s familiar to putting it all out there. In this interview Tone clears the air about his comments at a small local meetup in philly. He also spoke his mind on ethereum and that alone is worth listening to this episode.

Check out Tone’s podcast CryptoScam, for all the altcoin 411. Where he asks the questions no one knows the answers to.

“I know it’ll split again, what side will you be on?”

-Tone Vays

What team are you on? Team segwit? Team Unlimited? Fork? No fork? This is the episode where we put that noise to rest. Come get some peace of mind.