In the roundtable, the boys discuss OB1's new platform called "Deploy," which allows people to start a new OpenBazaar store that's hosted in a cloud service, and open 24/7. Cointelegraph article referenced can be found here.

Today Cello does his first solo interview with a long time friend to the podcast, Tony Swish. It's been a while since we've had him on, so he comes back to tell us what Augur has been up to. Cello also asks what Tony thinks about Matt Liston's views expressed in EP 76, for reference go back and listen. Although Tony feels the Gnosis project is a type of competition, he strongly supports the mantra of "let the best project win."

Past that, the conversation leads to the recent Augur REP token distribution, and how smoothly it went. Apparently people felt that it didn't go well, which Tony starkly (pun intended) shot down with many reasons why it went perfectly. He also points to a blog post Joey Krug wrote to shore up some misunderstandings (found here).

As to the idea of prediction markets, Tony mentions a article (found here) to help the newcomers understand where this business can lead. While the article concludes that we aren't sure how prediction markets will work for science, they discuss some creepily accurate results that they have predicted in the past. Corey and Dee further address this in the roundtable section after the interview.

Because this conversation was between Cello and Tony only, there are plenty of wrestling references, and discussion about vinyl. If that's not enough, Nelly's discography is analyzed in depth. If you don't understand these topics, then use your google-fu. Oh yeah, Dee is our fan's favorite host according to twitter.... so there's that too. He rubs it in.

There's lots more to listen to about what Augur is up to, and what is in the future. Give it a listen, and leave a comment. We'll get back to you!