Holy volatility! Set a stop loss and take a break from the charts. We’re talking trading in a crypto paradise, with IBB Capital’s best trader, Wen Hou. Woo!!

“Do some due diligence on the coin itself.”

- Wen Hou

With the price rise and demise happening recently and with much haste, we called in a favor and got our favorite trader Wen Hou, from IBB Capital, to drop some knowledge bombs on us. Wen has a proven, publicly posted, track record of all his trades. Click here iBankBitcoins.com

This isn't Wen Hous first visit to the TBP rodeo, so Corey and Dee take full advantage of this opportunity. You can expect the best Q&A covering trading.

“Bitcoin is the gateway coin.”

- Wen Hou

With all the alts how do you tell the forest from the trees? Corey highlights the magnitude of startups in the space and overflowing media dumps of information on the herd of projects that crowd the market and Wen like a compass points us true north, bitcoin. Think that’s juicy, wait till you heard Dee’s beautiful mind rant on order of adoption vs scaling, inspired by demand theory. It’s eff’n perfect!

Are the days of getting rich by being part of an ICO over? Do you really think we forgot to ask Wen freaking Hou about ICOs and their worth in hide? Shame, PAB! We dissected ICOs, tokens and how to tell the spam and scam from the real deals. So if you’re looking to take a leap, maybe take a listen first.

“You see kraken or CoinBase adding more and more up and coming coins.”

- Wen Hou

When push comes to shove Wen blames the current scaling argument that’s taken rampage amongst the community, for the wild volatility in price and hopes it will soon be solved. He warns of bubbles and scams, covering tall tale signs to spot the nots.

This one goes out to the veterans of crypto trading as well as the noobs looking to get their toes wet in an exchange. There’s something for everyone in this episode, from do’s and don’t’s to what if’s. Nothing about trading was left pending.

“It takes capital to make capital.”

- Wen Hou

Get ready for a day trading confidence boost, after this knowledge boost.

In ten words or less explain blockchain:

“Decentralized distributed ledger.”

- Wen Hou