Professional healthcare and 10% discount for customers paying with bitcoins in Poland.

Bitcoin market is rapidly growing, and the number of merchandises that accept bitcoins is getting bigger day by day. Now you can get a professional healthcare using bitcoin as a payment in Poland.

The first dental healthcare establishment that accepts bitcoin payments in Poland, and most probably in Europe is Profident Dental Clinic ( is located in Kielce, central Poland.

One of the main reasons to involve business in bitcoin payments system has been an enormous fees and regulations from banks. In Poland average fee for transaction made by credit or debit cards is 2%. Profident’s Tomasz Zbo?e? said that clinic customers today more often pay exactly via credit and debit cards, about 60% of all payments, and this number is growing, and clinic has to pay more money to the bank.

The numbers of businesses in Poland that want to participate in bitcoin network are steadily rising. There are several design companies and social media agencies that allow their customers to pay using bitcoins, but the government of Poland still considers that bitcoin is not currency.

Profident Dental Clinic started to operate its own bitcoin wallet on 18th of November this year. Now they are waiting for more customers to pay for healthcare services with bitcoins.

Outside the dental business Zbo?e? mine bitcoins himself. He consider it to be an investment diversification. “I use BTC also for payments (but I prefer to save and keep bitcoins rather than to spend them),” he said.

Zbo?e? is looking forward to seeing cryptocurrency much more popular in future. He believes that other businesses in Poland should also get involved in bitcoin movement and get opportunities that bitcoin could provide them in future. As for now it is a great marketing issue.