A crypto platform is positioning itself as a central hub for DeFi trading and market analysis — with its ecosystem offering powerful aggregation that delivers up-to-the-minute data and helps users capitalize on the latest movements in decentralized finance.

DEXTools enhances Uniswap, one of the world’s biggest decentralized exchanges, by offering a pool explorer that enables investors to discover new trading pairs. As well as showcasing promising new projects, this tool also highlights high-risk scams. A pair explorer also enables users to check real-time analytics, while the Wallet Info tool allows addresses to be tracked and followed.

The app recently unveiled a Community Trust feature that allows paying users to vote on pairs — alerting the community to fraudulent pairs while promoting legitimate ones.

According to DEXTools, it is championing an era of “smart trading” that visualizes large amounts of information in real time — giving users a competitive advantage and allowing them to capitalize on sudden fluctuations in the markets.

As a manifesto describing the project explains: “Our definition of success, from here on out, is to provide our users with an experience so comprehensive, so powerful, and so intuitive, that their impression of decentralized trading will no longer be a challenge, rather, an opportunity available to everyone.”

The DEXTools team added that their goal is to build trusted infrastructure that stands the test of time — instead of pursuing short-term features or jumping on the bandwagon of the latest trend in the space.

An intuitive app

The DEXTools app is responsive and works on any device — giving crypto enthusiasts the freedom to use their desktop, tablets and mobiles. Traders can also store their data securely and access it from any device, allowing them to enter and exit positions on the move. Given how the DeFi world never sleeps — with surges and crashes happening day and night — live notifications can be activated so users are always in the know.

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Three tiers of subscriptions to DEXTools are offered. The first is free and delivers real-time Uniswap analytics along with a pool and pair explorer. Users who hold 20,000 DEXT receive all of these basic features alongside greater levels of transaction information, price alerts, and exclusive perks including limit orders and trading bots. Last but not least, a premium membership is available to those who hold 100,000 DEXT. Given how the circulating supply of DEXT only stands at 100 million tokens, this top tier of service will only be available to a small number of users.

Supporting the community

DEXTools recently unveiled DEXTForce Ventures, which aims to help fledgling DeFi projects secure the early stage funding they need to develop and promote their platform.

This division aims to handpick “highly researched, uniquely positioned and well-managed projects where the likelihood of success is high” — delivering financial support as well as the encouragement and advice that entrepreneurs need in order to reach their full potential.

DEXTools says that it currently has more than 90,000 active users per day on its app — meaning startups who take part in its initiative will benefit from high levels of visibility. According to SimilarWeb, its website is ranked 639th in the finance and investing category. DEXTools also says that it plays a key role in driving traffic to Uniswap and Etherscan.

New features are continually being added to DEXTools. In late December, a Token News service made its debut that allows crypto organizations to inform traders about critical project updates — with the latest stories displayed prominently alongside real-time trading pairs.

Executives rely on a floating roadmap with flexible timelines that delivers levels of agility and responsiveness that aren’t seen in other areas of the industry. DEXTools says its approach means developers can easily adapt to “industry, technological and community needs” — and many of the features that are currently in the pipeline for development are based on requests made by its users.

Just some of DEXTools’ partners include 1inch, Ferrum Network, Fera Strategies and SushiSwap.

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