As cryptocurrency acceptance gains momentum internationally, the race is on to get the average consumer on board, and dispel the myth that Bitcoin is an exclusive realm. 
One company preparing to add its unique offering to the market is Ireland-based Prypto. Prypto has developed products aimed specifically at novice cryptocurrency users. 
Its Crypto Scratch Cards, which allow transactions to be more easily completed by giving the payment a familiar physical interface, are to spearhead the Prypto brand. The cards will be sold in conjunction with several of the most widely-used currencies and come in various denominations. Users purchase a card and receive it together with its unique printed code. This can then be redeemed via a dedicated site ( and sent to a wallet of the customer’s choice. 
The scratch cards are already heavily in demand. By way of example, over 1200 Bitcoin, DogeCoin and WorldCoin scratch cards have been ordered, along with 300 sample requests from over 40 countries, proving the desire of the international cryptocurrency community to have access to ever more appealing and straightforward transaction tools. 
Universal appeal
Prypto Group Limited will formally launch on 15 April, when 120,000 shares will be listed on, and is already offering highly secured P2P trading through its exchange. These are in addition to the 30,000 already purchased directly from their own website. 
It will be interesting to watch how the investment community reacts to Prypto’s proposition: a new, highly accessible concept combined with an open, upfront business model with no fees for the merchant could attract many curious clients indeed. Exchange Atomic-Trade and others have already signed up prior to the launch.
If you’re not an investor, you can still request a sample scratch card from Prypto by going to their website.