Renault has partnered with other Blockchain champions, Microsoft and VISEO, that ensures that data in the car passport is stored in a secure and transparent manner on the Blockchain.

The current method of storing information about customers and their vehicles is spread across a whole host of different information systems maintained by automakers, insurers, repair shops, and more.

But Renault is looking to consolidate that information with the power of Blockchain technology. With its transparent nature and open architecture, all information about a car can be gathered and placed in one spot for customers to access.

In selling the vehicle, the owner can now make information, that is untamperable, more available to potential sellers who can trust that the information on the car’s passport is accurate and accessible.

Elie Elbaz, Digital & Connected Vehicles Director for Groupe Renault, explains:

“This digital car maintenance book will enable us to provide our customers with new services in an ecosystem alongside insurers and dealers. Blockchain technology is able to create a reliable trust protocol. Beyond this project, this technology will be a major step forward for connected vehicles and the micro-transactions and security requirements associated with them.”

Microsoft Azure, VISEO and value of Blockchain tech

The value of a major corporation, such as Microsoft, throwing its name behind innovative technologies such as the Blockchain becomes evident when it provides other major companies in their own spheres, to utilize the tech.

“As a continuation of our partnership in the realm of connected vehicles, we are pleased to be able to support Renault with its digital transformation and to work together to create an innovative Blockchain solution that has the potential to consolidate an entire vehicle ecosystem and ensure that the information shared by all can be trusted,” states Bernard Ourghanlian, Microsoft France CTO.

VISEO, a consulting firm with cutting-edge expertise in Blockchain technology, oversaw the overall technological implementation of the project (working closely with BitSe, a Chinese start-up) as well as the user design.

“We believe in the potential of the Blockchain technology, especially for what it can bring in the evolution of the transparency of relationships between economic partners of a B2B ecosystem. We have dedicated Blockchain teams in our digital factories, which allows us to incubate projects such as the one conducted with Renault. We have been able to deliver in a few weeks a complete digital asset ready to scale-up,” explains Eric Perrier, Managing Director of VISEO.