As you may know these days the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit is taking place and some investors and market specialists already shared their experience and future economic forecasts.

Let's just highlight some moments from the Day 3 of this summit because exactly this day one specialist confirmed that Bitcoin is not going to disappear.

Deepak Narula, founder of Metacapital, said that his company prefers to take risk on commercial mortgage-backed securities and not to invest in residential mortgage-backed securities because prices are now high.

He added that in 2014 investors should be funding more than in 2013.

Jason Ader, founder of Spring Owl Asset Management said that the Fed surely will not stop its bond-buying program next year and now, after the treat of Cyprus to default, it is quite good time to buy virtual currency. He mentioned that he personally bought bitcoin when its value was around $120 and now its price increased to $675 before the well-known hearing in the US Senate.

Ader aforesaid that his company in 2014 will be focused in making investments in small- and mid-cap companies because they are more stable. His favorite investment program was offered by Strategic Hotels and Resorts Inc.

Pascal Blanque, chief investment officer of Amundi, mentioned that in 2014 they will more likely invest in emerging markets, because he is sure that contributions to them will be stopped, however he doesn't want to leave those economics penniless.

Robert Hockett, Fed fellow and Cornell University professor, said that social disparity in the United States will cause overpricing and the crash of financial markets. He is also skeptical that the idea of selling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to a hedge fund is good enough.

Didier Saint-Georges, member of the investment committee at Carmignac Gestion, aforesaid that now Japanese stocks are attractive to them because they have increased by 45% this year and probably will gain in value next year, too.

Chris Delong, chief investment officer of Taconic, added Pascal Blanque he is skeptical about the idea of emerging markets. Taconis is not attracted by emerging markets at the moment because the total amount of their debt has raised two time last 5 years, but the liquidity of them hasn't moved.