Richard Stallman to Speak at the Central European Bitcoin Conference in Vienna
The Central European Bitcoin Expo organization committee is proud to announce that well-known freedom campaigner Richard Stallman, president of the Free Software Foundation, has agreed to take the floor at the event.
The Coin Telegraph has already reported on the conference which will take place in Vienna, Austria from 31 May – 1 June 2014. The Bitcoin conference in the heart of Europe is expected to be the biggest and most interesting event not only introducing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to Central Europe, but featuring experienced speakers known in the region, as well as worldwide.
The gem of the speaker list is Richard Stallman, a known software developer, computer programmer and free software activist. Since the mid-1990s, Richard has been involved in political advocacy of free software and computer users’ rights, and has led campaigns against software patents and the extension of copyright laws. His ideals involve spreading freedom and cooperation and thus make our society better both online and offline.
Richard Stallman’s presentation will particularly stand out as he will talk about software freedom, while others will report on finance and economic issues concerning Bitcoin use, what its future holds, the mining process, obstacles needing to be overcome and a wide range of other useful topics. Entrepreneurs and the general public alike will be able to get expert information first hand, no matter whether they are just interested in using Bitcoin, want to join the vibrant Bitcoin economy or spread their circle of contacts.
The Coin Telegraph reminds you that the early bird ticket price for two days (just 100 euro) ends on April 10 and the whole speakers list is available on the event website. The conference organizers advise you to purchase tickets in advance, as due to extraordinary interest from the public there will soon be no tickets left.

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