Network issues at Robocoin, which affected its BTM network yesterday, have led to rumors of more serious problems with the company, it has emerged.

Robocoin, which owns one of the oldest Bitcoin ATM (BTM) networks globally, tweeted about problems relating to “problems with [its] cash API infrastructure,” which it subsequently managed to resolve. 

At the same time, however, rumors are circulating of a “meltdown” behind the scenes, the effects of which could mean a full reorganization of the business and its role in the industry.

An article, which appeared on the IT outlet, Coding In My Sleep, cites “insider reports” that “claim Robocoin has been plagued by hardware failures on a larger scale than they’re able or willing to support,” reads the article. “The claims also suggest there are also unspecified (but serious) problems with their software development pipeline.”

Despite its fair share of technical difficulties, Robocoin has nonetheless grown to become an international presence within the Bitcoin ATM industry, with its machines operated by private individuals and merchants throughout the world.

However, events other the past six months have overshadowed growth, with delays in delivering machines and a notable public battle regarding a customer refund casting doubt on the ability of Robocoin to maintain its position.

CEO Jordan Kelley has already been forced to issue one public apology for Robocoin’s performance, the piece being published to Reddit by the aforementioned customer, MetaLab founder Andrew Wilkinson.

According to Coding In My Sleep, the company may now be looking to franchise out its network and apparatus and stop producing physical hardware altogether.

Official confirmation of the claims is yet to surface.

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