RunCPA is the largest affiliate marketing network in the cryptocurrency industry. It connects developers with affiliate marketers to promote their products to those interested in such projects. Cointelegraph spoke to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of RunCPA, Adam Guerbuez.

Cryptocurrency market

Cointelegraph: For companies in the cryptocurrency industry, do you have cryptocurrency-specific traffic owners signed up with the service?

Adam Guerbuez: Indeed, our traffic owners are individuals that have marketing experience and an audience that is interested in cryptocurrency related offers. They promote our offers to that specific audience through targeted ad campaigns, seo strategies and social networking. The companies that are on board with RunCpa know that we have the exact traffic they are in need of to attain mass adoption of their products and services they are providing.

How it works

CT: Are there any requirements for businesses before signing up?

AG: The requirements are dependant on the product or service being offered, we work one on one with each company and make the transition into our platform a very cost efficient and effective one.

CT: How does the revenue share system work? Are there any upfront fees?

AG: Revshare is a model in the affiliate marketing industry that enables long term earnings for both the affiliate marketer and the offer provider. With this, the affiliate not only receives a commission for the initial signup, but also receives additional commissions every single time the customer they referred makes additional purchases. This model works extremely well when the traffic owner has daily, weekly and monthly additional commissions due to his referrals expanding their usage of the product or service that was promoted. There are so many affiliate marketers who make a very comfortable living from promoting offers that have a revshare model since it is a continuous stream of income on autopilot.

CT: For someone new to the business world, who might only have a programming background, how easy is it to get set up with RunCPA?

AG: We handle all of the integration into our network's backend with the businesses one on one. In most cases we have companies set up and ready to run their product or service offers within minutes.

Free usage of RunCPA

CT: How does your smart achievements work? Can you really earn 0% commission?

AG: This is a very profitable model for both the offer provider and the affiliate marketer who is promoting the offer. It works on the 100% lifetime revshare system. This allows any provider to have access to our massive global reach of potential customers in the cryptocurrency demographic to get exposure to their product through all of our affiliates actively promoting it.

There is no upfront investment at all required from the provider to get this level of promotion, they work solely on the revenue share model where all proceeds from customers who acquire their product or service are engaged in future fees such as upgrades, expansions, pay per use, or other such option where the customer engages in a transaction at some point based on their usage.

Think of it in the same way that we often download an app onto our smartphone for free, then at some point we pay a $1 to unlock a special feature in the app. This is a multi billion dollar industry and we have brought this same model to the Crypto scene now, opening so many new doors for software developers, service providers etc, to attain an overnight worldwide awareness campaign, resulting in mass adoption and finally the bottom line, profit generation.