Russia to Host Its First Bitcoin Conference

Even knowing about the controversy status of Bitcoin in Russia, remembering the fuzz around the issues from the Central Bank of the country showing extraordinary polarity from negative to almost positive, no one would consider the local Bitcoin community being behind the times. The first official conference is going to reveal some names and faces of the environment at the 23rd of April.

The Set Up

The Bitcoin Conference Russia will be hosted by the Tesla Loft – appropriate, comfortable and with the required level of alternativeness. Those who succeed to acquire the entrance tickets before the Fools Day are going to save up 5000 rubles (around 100 euro), after the 1st of April visitors will have to give in 15 000 rubles (around 300 euro) to participate.

The aimed spectators are people welcome at any cryptographic conference – developers, businessmen, nerds, geeks, idea generators, startup providers, investors, officials, law specialists, merchants and potentials users of the coin. The variety of topics is going to cover the most questions topical for the environment. The attention is directed towards the relevance to the local market, some presentations will feature forecasts on Bitcoin Status in Russian Federation.  

The list of speakers is populated only partly. Most of them are local experts, among them are two foreigners - Eli Sklar, CTO at Bitcoin emBassy (Tel Aviv) and Vytautas Karalevicius, CEO of European Bitcoin exchange Spectro Coin. More are going to be added to the timeline closer to the start of the meetup.

Featuring many partners and mentioning many interesting questions the event is promising and will be covered by the Coin Telegraph.

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