In Hong Kong, the bell rings for Bitcoin (BTC). Samsung Asset Management Hong Kong (SAMHK), a subsidiary of Samsung's investment arm Samsung Asset Management, is set to list the “Samsung Bitcoin Futures Active ETF” on the Hong Kong stock market on Jan. 13.

The move comes amid a surge in interest from both the government and institutional investors in the region.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Source: The Trade

The ETF, or exchange-traded fund, will track the spot price of Bitcoin by investing in Bitcoin futures products listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). The ETF will primarily invest in the CME Bitcoin Futures, with some investments in the CME Micro-Bitcoin Futures.

Currently, Hong Kong is the only market in Asia where Bitcoin futures ETFs can be traded. The Samsung Bitcoin Futures ETF joins the Hong Kong Crypto Futures ETF, which began trading to the tune of $70 million in 2022. Other markets worldwide include Canada, the U.S., Australia and some European countries such as Switzerland.

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Park Seong-jin, head of Samsung Asset Management Hong Kong, commented:

“Hong Kong is the only market in Asia where Bitcoin futures ETFs are listed and traded in the institutional market. It will be a new option for investors who are interested in Bitcoin as a competitive product that reflects their experience in risk management.”

This ETF listing will provide retail and institutional investors with a new way to gain exposure to Bitcoin, which may help to attract more mainstream investors to the cryptocurrency space. With Samsung’s reputation and brand power, the ETF could be an attractive option for investors who are looking for a way to invest in Bitcoin without buying and holding their own private keys directly.

The move by Samsung comes as the price of Bitcoin surpassed the $18,000 level, indicating a potential rise in positive sentiment among traders. Other cryptocurrencies have also followed suit, recording a recovery in the broader crypto market.

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In 2022, Samsung Asset Management Hong Kong Limited held $1.4 billion in assets under management, while the globally recognized brand of Samsung continues to be actively involved in the crypto space. Its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22, comes with a blockchain wallet preinstalled.

The ETF is a further indication that the global brand with a market capitalization of $300 billion is looking to capitalize on the growing interest in cryptocurrencies.